Services & Aftercare

  • Treatment

    Specialists in the conservation and restoration of European and Oriental carpets including Persian, Axminsters and Aubussons

    Broad ranging treatment options for antique and contemporary carpets that remain functional or are on display

    Cleaning, undertaken in our Studio or on site

    Emergency response following fire and flood, including preliminary assessments and valuations from photographs or full reports on site. Handling and transportation provision and advice

    Remedial treatment is carried out at the Studio which has the capacity for oversized carpets

  • Documentation and consultation
    • General advice and preliminary estimates can often be provided from emailed photographs
    • Condition reports, treatment proposals and estimates, post treatment appraisals
    • Consultation: on-site collection surveys including history, condition, value and treatment options
    • Professional photography for conservation surveys, insurance, sales
    • Emergency response and consultation following fire and flood

    Lining and hanging Lining and hanging Lining and hanging

    Lining and hanging

  • Preventive conservation and aftercare
    • Routine cleaning advice
    • Care and maintenance guidelines. General factsheets and preventive measures specific to a carpets use and location
    • Aftercare reports and training for house staff
    • Underlay to protect the carpet from irregular wear from uneven surfaces, prevent it slipping and rucking, and cushion it from general wear
    • Insect prevention: How to prevent, identify and eradicate insect infestations. Assistance in the implementation of IPM systems
    • Advice on packing, short and long term storage and transportation
    • Display advice, such as assessing the environmental conditions in which a rug is housed so as to avoid detrimental effects from excessive light, heat and humidity

    Damage from rugs laying on rush matting and uneven floor boards without underlay Damage from rugs laying on rush matting and uneven floor boards without underlay

    Damage from rugs laying on rush matting and uneven floor boards without underlay

  • Research, education and information

    Historical and cultural research to examine such areas as age and identity, past use and importance to location

    Lectures and study days

    Purchase support: advice on condition and cost estimates, valuations and repair estimates

    Where a carpet cannot be moved on site assessments and treatment are offered. This can be undertaken as part of projects such as ‘conservation in action’ which enables viewers to observe conservation in progress

    Carpet conservation funding advice

    Working on site ’conservation in action’. Working on site ’conservation in action’.

    Working on-site ’conservation in action’.

  • Transporting and packing

    Packing for transportation and storage

    Collection and delivery – national and international

  • Reproductions and replacements

    Where a carpet is no longer fit for use the Rug & Carpet Studio has a retail department which specialises in sourcing replacements or weaving reproductions

    We can produce bespoke designs whether they be contemporary or based on their catalogue of historic designs

    The production methods offered varies in order to fit in with a client’s budget

    The Studios reproduce historically important carpets sometimes made for a particular room

    Their knowledge of historical carpets and settings, combined with their expertise in production enables them to design a carpet which is sympathetic to any room


    Call us for advice on any of the services above or email us for fact sheets on:

    Insect pests

    Care and maintenance

    Preventive conservation for carpets

    Safe lifting and manoeuvring of oversized and/or fragile carpets

    Preventive carpet conservation suppliers list. E.g. window film, drugget.

    01787 882214

  • Your rug repair team did an excellent job with Sophie’s rug.  It did look a sad case as Sophie’s cleaner in Hong Kong had put it in the clothes washer!  The rug now looks like the one my mother bought for Sophie’s 21st  many years ago.


    Mrs S

  • Just to let you know your attention to the various rugs you have undertaken on my behalf is much appreciated and fully to my satisfaction! Regret not having met you personally – Thank you for your service.


    Mrs J

  • Today I received a notice about the Restoration Workshops, sent on from my old address in Norfolk. I am afraid I am too far away now to be able to visit your workshops.   I very much appreciated the work you did on my old rugs, you are providing a very valuable and interesting service.

    Mrs F

  • Just wanted to say thank you! Your team did a great job on my rug last week and a big thank you for doing in the 24hrs I had up in Suffolk. Best wishes.


  • Many thanks for the excellent repair work and I am very pleased with the newly cleaned and mended Qashqai rug.

    Ms C

  • We are delighted by your work on the pair of Kashan rugs that we bought in Teheran in the mid 1970’s. They have always travelled with us to our various places of work and were beginning to show signs of wear. Your cleaning and excellent restoration have revived them, so many, many thanks. The underlay will help on our present terracotta tiled floors. We appreciate your efforts and send our very best wishes.



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