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Over the past 30 years’ The Rug & Carpet Studio has built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise  in traditional and historic carpet designs.  We replicate carpet designs from all over the world – from traditional hand knotted Persian designs that date back  hundreds of  years, through to Axminster or Wilton carpets that were first hand woven from 1755 and later machine made with the invention of the  looms in the early 1800’s.  We are often approached to copy old carpets that have seen better days or where the original has vanished or been destroyed.  We have the ability and expertise to to reproduce the most complex of designs.

In many  historic properties carpets were originally designed and woven to match the décor in the rooms. These carpets are just as historically important today as the rest of the décor and furniture and our ability to recreate them allows historic properties to protect their original carpets as they start to show wear and tear.   The reproductions  give properties options to protect their existing carpets, by leaving the original in situ and laying the new carpet over the top   Alternatively, the original could be rolled up and safely stored, to allow the replica to be installed in its place. This allows households to receive extra visitors, on top of a more useable and manageable carpet, whilst still keeping the same decor in the furnished room.

This process has been successfully completed in historic properties throughout the UK, and is giving house managers and curators the confidence that their irreplaceable items are protected, but also still on show.

Hand knotted reproductions

For the past 10 years we have successfully worked with the weavers in Nepal to produce traditional Persian design carpets. We use software developed in Nepal to  generate the designs and we colour match wool tufts to the original carpet colours. Samples are made, which allow for any tweaks to be made in either the colours or designs.

Machine made reproductions

As well as hand knotted reproductions, we are also able to produce British machine made carpets of Axminster or Wilton quality. We have the options of various different qualities and widths and they can be made with up to twelve different colours by using different looms.  These carpets can be laid over the existing carpets if necessary, to help preserve the original carpets. Alternatively, these can be made to just cover the areas of the original carpets that the public walk on. The designs can be matched flawlessly enabling then to sit on top of the original without detracting from the historic feel of the room.

Please contact Pat Clark, our Design Consultant,  with all enquiries.  Included in our quotes are site visits, all design work, colour matching and samples, underlay (various options are available), delivery, and installation of the final carpet.

Case Study

Standen House 





Case Study

Bespoke Juliette Carpet  – Size: 7.20m x 6.35m

The Society of Apothecaries, a livery company with its historic hall in the City of London, contacted us because their original Axminster carpet situated in the Court Room needed replacing; the passing of time and heavy traffic generated through the commercial use of the room had led to the carpet becoming damaged and worn in places.

To replace the Axminster with a traditional hand-knotted carpet at a size to fit the room (9.14m x 9.14m) was not a viable option as antique carpets are rarely found in this size and the cost to produce a new hand-knotted carpet such as this was prohibitive for a carpet which would still have to withstand heavy wear and tear.

The Juliette carpet is hand-tufted with a 100% New Zealand wool pile, renowned for its quality in terms of softness, durability and colour clarity, which makes the finished product comparable to a hand-knotted carpet. The border design of the Juliette carpet was inspired from a border of a traditional carpet and the all-over pattern was created in a similar style. The design works with the room and allows for the varying placement of furniture.

A sample of the design was made and viewed in the room as the as the colours can look very different in situ.

With the Court Room’s dark oak panelling, the deep red colours of the first sample appeared too dark and a further sample was produced in brighter tones. This looked perfect and was made into the beautiful Juliette carpet found in the Court room today.

Our knowledge of historic carpets and settings, combined with our expertise in production, has enabled us to design a carpet sympathetic to the room. The carpet is durable enough to withstand wear and tear and has been produced at a fraction of the cost of replacing the Axminster with an antique carpet.


The Court Room

Design your own rug

The Rug & Carpet Studio’s innovative bespoke rug service attracts commissions from interior designers  and private clients. Our skilled weavers in Nepal and India practise the ancient art of weaving to produce exquisite hand-­­­­woven silk and wool rugs exclusively for us.  We offer all customers a highly professional design service. This service includes an initial consultation either in our design studio or an on- site visit.   Whether you want to match a colour scheme, fill a particular space, incorporate pieces of furniture or complement artworks, our bespoke service allows you to adapt an existing design from our extensive catalogue in your choice of colours and sizes, or we can work with you to create something entirely new.

Our experienced in-house designers are on hand to guide, discuss, draw up design ideas and give expert advice on techniques that might be most suitable. Using our specialised software our designers can produce an initial graphic image of how your rug will look.

This unique tiled rug specially designed on request by our client

Bespoke tile Bespoke tile Bespoke tile

Size, Shape & Colours

Our rugs can be made in all sizes – we design to suit larger scale spaces through to smaller rooms in the home. Most of our clients choose a rectangular or square rug but we can create rugs in any shape and size, from circular rugs to long thin runners. We will always offer advice on the most suitable weave for your design

With 100’s of colour tufts to choose from there is no need to compromise and we also offer a ‘dye to match’ service. We have a selection of yarns and many different weaving techniques which can all be incorporated to produce the perfect rug.

 Weaving your rug

Once you are satisfied with the finished design and colours, the wool is dyed and the rug is hand-woven by our team of master craftsmen.   Delivery time is usually 12 to 14 weeks but this is dependant on the size of the rug and may take longer. If it is a particularly large rug then a small sample can be produced for approval. It is at this stage that any design or colour corrections can be made. We simply ask for a 50% deposit paid upon approval with the balance payable upon delivery.


Case Study

Bespoke Horse-Design Rug – Size 2.40m x 1.60m

The horse design rug was made to replicate the design on our client’s fabric, featuring simple animal images.

The rug was hand-woven in Nepal using only two colours and made in a 60 knot pile.  This rug was one of a pair, the second being in the image of a deer. Our client was thrilled with the end result and the rugs look superb in their surroundings.

Bespoke Horse Rug Bespoke Horse Rug Bespoke Horse Rug


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