100% recycled, environmentally friendly,
ethically produced, practical and gorgeous

Weaver Green makes beautiful, soft, handwoven indoor and outdoor rugs from yarn spun entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

With over 30 billion plastic bottles finding their way into our seas each year and over 90% of all marine birds having plastic deposits in their stomachs, it is important to look at creative and useful ways of recycling plastic bottles and making them into valuable and beautiful additions to our homes.

Weaver Green’s range of environmentally friendly rugs look and feel like wool, but contain between 50 and 750 recycled plastic bottles each.

The rugs are waterproof, mould resistant and hardwearing.

From 1,000s of plastics bottles

weaver green

…to beautiful rugs creating a feature for any living space…

The collection:






and Herringbone



Hoover loose debris then hand wash using a light detergent. Allow to air dry natural. Not suitable for washing machines or tumble dryers.

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